Please contact us to help Orphan and needful children

If you want us to help an orphan and poor children and make their future bright contact us now

Student Development

Helping by providing notebook, books, school bags, uniform, shoes

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For Disabled Children

We provides all the needful things like Handicapped Tricycle & clothes

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Helping Orphan Children

Help from everyone is needed for making growth of children.

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We understand the desperate need for basic essentials such as food, education, we have focused “on the moment”, so to speak. To take light where there is darkness. To take love and laughter, fun and happiness, smiles and playfulness and just perhaps to create an “Extra-ordinary Day” – a day different from yesterday and different from tomorrow – an escape and distraction from the every day harsh realities of life. Children need to be children.

Most of these children come from severely financially disadvantaged and impoverished backgrounds and many experience extreme trauma and difficulty through poverty, neglect and abuse. We give the children a moment to escape from the harsh world that they come from and live in – a chance to play, to laugh, to have fun, to indulge, to celebrate, to be children and for a magical moment, perhaps to forget.

We give children the chance to experience things that they perhaps would ordinarily not be able to because of their circumstances, exposing them to a world beyond their own.